No, Jets, No?

Well, everybody and their dog seems to be weighing in on the discussion and debate of what exactly Winnipeg’s new NHL team will be called, and also whether or not True North will decide to keep the original name of the Jets. 

In my opinion, ‘Jets’ is off the table; completely.  When the Drive to 13,000 campaign was first announced this past Tuesday, there wasn’t a widespread opinion that Winnipeg would reach that number of season ticket sales. It certainly wasn’t expected to be as successful as it was, not only selling all 13,000 seats, but doing so in a flash, and essentially doing it twice (over 8,000 on the waiting list, and if you figure each one would buy an average of two seats…).

So you would think that True North would have wanted to do everything in its power to make sure those tickets flew off the table, and announcing the return of the Winnipeg Jets would have definitely increased sales even higher than they were.

The other factor is that True North is saying they have not yet decided on a team name, but are working on it.  Do you really think that if ‘Jets’ was even an option, that they would be discussing it?  I don’t imagine that True North has got ‘Jets’ on one hand and ‘Voyageurs’ on the other and are trying to decide between the two.  ‘Jets’ is the overwhelming favourite, and I have to believe that if it were even a possibility, there would be no question.

So what will the team be callled then?  So many names have been tossed around, some good, some embarrassingly awful.  At first I didn’t want to see anything other than the Jets either, but have gradually become okay with the possibility.  It’s a new chapter of NHL hockey in Winnipeg, and I think a fresh start with a young team like the Trashers is rather suitable for choosing a new name.

If True North decides to go with something new, all I can say is I truly hope I don’t hear any “Go Jets Go!” chants at the games… The name game right now is about more than just a label for our NHL team; it’s about deciding whether or not to revive a legacy and a franchise, or to bury it for good.  And if the latter is chosen, Winnipeg needs to accept that, and embrace the new franchise, not call out our ex’s name while we’re with our new love.

I’m truly excited to hear the announcement of the franchise team name when it comes down (and it should be soon), and even more so to see the logo design, and buy up a ton of merchandise to decorate myself with.  The NHL is back in Winnipeg, and that should be the focus of our excitement, not whether or not True North will revive the moniker of the Winnipeg Jets.  And I daresay that the folks whose enthusiasm rides on whether or not the Jets will fly again, aren’t the type of “fans” I would want to be sitting next to anyways.

    • Kyle
    • June 7th, 2011

    They will be the Winnipeg Jets, it would be a complete disaster for anything else. The Cleveland Browns left Cleveland and came back and they are in the top 5 in merchandise sales despite being a dismal team for as long as anyone can remember. You think people would be buying Cleveland Polar Bears merchandise? The Jets brand is like the Oilers or the Flames, it’s huge, we don’t want to become some random like the Blue Jackets. Half the fans will buy Jets merchandise anyway, from all over the country, you think the owners don’t want that piece of the pie? Come on, these guys don’t want any backlash at all, and Chipman wants none he is already a hero in this city, he has a chance to go down as a legend. We did our part, now listen to your fans. I am a P1 season ticket holder and will be wearing my Jets jersey to represent this great city which I am so proud of. The name Jets represents more than just hockey, anyone who doesn’t understand that, I don’t want in that arena.

    Go Jets Go!

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