Tim Thomas Flattens Daniel Sedin

"S'cuse me, just gonna get this here, THANK you..."

"Where the next Sedin at!?"

Penalty. Plain and simple.

Kerry Fraser’s article on TSN.ca describes the basics of Rule #69, which is all about goaltender interference. Basically what he says is that people are up in arms because Tim Thomas basically said “You can’t hit me, but I can sure as hell hit you!” and that does seem slightly unfair and one-sided, but unfortunately that is the reality of Rule #69. It absolutely is one-sided protection of goaltenders, and is meant to be that way.

In that case; change the rule, because what Thomas did was ridiculous. A two-minute minor for Unsportsmanlike would have sufficed, and in all honesty he was probably expecting to be penalized. When you’re up 8-1 near the end of the third, you can take a few liberties, especially if it allows you to get inside the heads of your opponents. But Thomas was just spanking Daniel Sedin, and anybody could tell you that what he did was completely unnecessary, not to mention a bit of a cheap shot.

If there is a rule stating players can’t touch the goaltenders, it only makes sense to have it go both ways. There is never a situation where the goalie should play the body and not the puck, and if you watch the replay of the incident (below), Thomas actually did almost get scored on, because his eyes were on Sedin and not the puck, which just barely managed to stay out of the net after clipping Thomas’ skate.

But the series is far from over, and I think tonight Thomas is going to find out that if he wants to dish it out, he’d better be prepared to take it.

    • Anonymous
    • June 8th, 2011

    I think goalies can do pretty much what they want in their own crease. Outside the crease….that’s a different matter. Still, there’s no doubt Thomas was just sending a message and would not do something that ridiculous had the score been closer. And don’t you think there was just a tad of embellishment by Sedin?

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