Last night Money in the Bank rolled into Chicago, IL and what a night it was! I buy two Pay-Per-Views a year; Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. So, first of all, there’s a lot to be said for the fact that I even had the interest in buying this one.

All of the elements were there to make a colossal explosion, it was simply a matter of whether or not the WWE would pull it off, and I think they actually did it bigger than a lot of people expected.

Let’s start first with the Smackdown! Money in the Bank match. Couple of things to touch on here, the first being the Sin Cara injury angle. I honestly can’t see any reason for it other than Sin Cara being let go, or possibly being sent down to FCW to work on not botching every second move that he does. I found something suspicious in the way Booker specifically said, “Well, Sin Cara’s had an amazing run here… but I wonder if this could possibly be the end for him.” I can only assume we’ll find out for sure this Friday on Smackdown!

EDIT: Sin Cara has been suspended for 30 days for violating the WWE’s Wellness Policy. Mystery solved.

Hats off to Bryan Danielson. I was surprised but equally thrilled to see him pull that briefcase down, and the emotion that he showed after doing it just proves that it was the right thing to do. Danielson is 30 years old, and spent over 10 years on the independent circuit before making it to the WWE. Just off the top of my head, I don’t think there’s another Superstar currently on the roster who’s spent that long on the indies.

Danielson is in the business simply because he loves it, and there’s only small number left who that is true for. Winning the briefcase essentially guarantees him a World title run in the near future, and shows that the WWE has a lot of faith in his ability. Nice to see that payoff finally come for him, and I will eagerly await his first title run.

(I’ve got a copy of Wrestling Road Diaries currently on its way to me, and will be doing a full review of it on here hopefully in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that!)

I don’t know whose idea it was to unmask Rey Mysterio while he was on top of a ladder, but it was a bad one. Next.

Alright, here we go; John Cena vs. CM Punk. An amazing storyline, an amazing match, an amazing crowd, or an amazing finish; nailing one of the four will usually put a smile on the people’s faces. But when you somehow manage to put all four together… something special happens, and it happened last night.

Punk’s dynamite promo a few weeks ago lit the fuse, and that, combined with a cluster of other elements, set the stage for a historic night. Punk’s contract was expiring, it was for the WWE Championship, Cena would be fired if he lost, and it was taking place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. I’m not sure if the entire thing could have been planned any better.

The crowd was unreal. It was almost as good as ECW One Night Stand 2, as the crowd was overwhelmingly supportive of their hometown hero, CM Punk. Cena rarely gets the “You can’t wrestle!” chants anymore, unless he is in pretty hostile territory.

The match was an exceptional display of both men’s ability, and I was pleased with the way Cena performed. He pulled out quite a few new moves, and seemed to work pretty well with Punk. The match flowed great, and both men did a fantastic job of keeping the fans on the edge of their seats, right to the final bell.

The finish made sense. John “Superman” Cena, Mr. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect, not allowing Vince to pull off another “screwjob” because he’s got too much pride, and it immediately bites him in the ass, giving Punk the 1-2-3, and igniting the hometown crowd.

It was at this point that I expected the classic WWE cop-out to come. Yep, here’s Vince getting on the headset and calling for Alberto Del Rio to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, and take the strap off Punk. Normally, this is where the WWE would go “gotcha!” and insult the fans’ intelligence, like they seem to really enjoy doing lately.


I can honestly say I did not expect the finish; Punk laying out Del Rio, and escaping into the crowd – his crowd – with the WWE Championship. Again, makes perfect sense. WWE storylines and character behaviour is not often well-thought out and realistic, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw out of Punk. He’d just won the title, of course his next move would be to haul ass out of there while he still could.

Many questions to be answered on Monday Night RAW tonight, the biggest of which is; is CM Punk truly finished in the WWE? Storylines and kayfabe completely aside, many people, including myself, are of the opinion that it would be truly unfortunate if Punk was really done in the WWE. As great as this angle was, to unleash a Superstar’s full potential a month before his contract expires doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Where normally I would feel like Punk “re-signing” with the WWE would be another typical WWE cop-out, this time I wouldn’t even care; more CM Punk!!

And also, didn’t CM Punk promise to re-design the title if he won it? Whether Punk is leaving or not, I think this could possibly be the end of Cena‘s spinner championship, and let me tell you; I am so okay with that.

And finally, to Chavo Guerrero; you need to shut the hell up. You spoke your mind once, great, but then when Cena actually delivered like you asked him to, you just went full “whiny bitch”, and took a completely cynical attitude toward the match. Chavo, you say Cena is lazy? Well damn, I guess he’s won 10 WWE Championships on lazy mode then, as opposed to your big fat zero and you say you give it everything you’ve got every single night. Maybe if you were as critical toward yourself as you are toward him, you’d still be in the WWE.

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