Journalism, What Are You!?

I recently sat down with Journalism and asked it flatly; “Journalism, what are you?” Just kidding, I don’t think I’ll continue down that road.

When I think of Journalism, I think of the root of the word; journal.  Journalism is, quite simply, journaling.  It’s the recording and reporting of facts, with little or no personal opinion muddying them up.

Eight months from now, I’ll be a Journalism major.  But whether or not I want to work purely as a journalist, I’ve not decided yet.  And by that, I just mean that I enjoy voicing my opinion, and I’m not sure if just reporting the facts is for me.

I could quite easily work as a sports journalist, as the work I do with the Manitoba Bisons is exactly that, and I have a hell of a lot of fun at that job.  Walking into the press box at the Max Bell Centre, smelling and seeing the freshly zambonied ice, and knowing that I just got to “work”; the feeling I get from that will never get old.

I think what’s most important to me, as a journalist, is being able to work in a secondary field that I am passionate and interested in.  The primary field being journalism, of course.  I just want to be able to write for a living, and enjoy writing about my topic.

There will always be a place in the world for Journalism, whether it’s in print, online, on the radio or the TV.  I’m interested to see where my place in the Journalism game will be, but I know there’s a spot for me in there somewhere.

Be sure to check out my secondary blog, ‘Ready, Set… Edit!’, from time to time for information and assignments from my Editing Print & Online Media course.

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