Place Me, Please!

Tomorrow is scheduled to be our first day with a designated “work placement information” time slot!  Definitely looking forward this.

Honestly, “work placement” is ultimately the biggest reason I entered this program in the first place.  Let me explain.

Before I came to CreComm, I really had no direction whatsoever.  CreComm didn’t give me my much-needed direction, I simply found it and CreComm ended up being a part of my direction.

As we all know by now, I have always loved to write, and even in this program that is so diversified with writing, web design, advertising, media production, radio, I have always stuck with my love of writing, and never once wavered.

Right before I started CreComm, I was working as a cook at Boston Pizza on Kenaston.  I think my family has actually boycotted that specific BP because they treated me like such shit there.  That job was sort of my “last straw” as far as trying to “make it work” without a post-secondary education, which was my Plan A.  “Make it work without a post-secondary education”.  I thought that was pretty well thought-out.  Anyways…

Funny thing is, I actually could have made it work without one.  I was given a management job at a new restaurant that had just come to Winnipeg, because the owner was a former boss and friend of mine.  The opportunity to make good money for myself was there, and it actually was a pretty big break for me, but I ended up just blowing it off completely, and surprised myself in the process.

I had always told myself that I didn’t care what I was actually doing for a living, as long as I was making good money.  Turns out that’s not the case.  After that I realized I needed to do what I enjoy.

I simply “applied” to places where I wanted to work, like the Winnipeg Free Press and other publishers.  I was a competent writer back then as well, and knew there had to be a job out there for me, but none of these places even got back to me.  I sent them samples of my work, told them I was a hard worker etc. etc. etc.

Finally, I admitted defeat and resigned myself to the fact that I needed a post-secondary education if I wanted anyone important to even look at me, and began my CreComm adventure.

But CreComm is full of opportunities along the way, as well, work placement being one of them.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I take these opportunities more seriously than probably anything else I do in the program.  Manitoba Bisons, Winnipeg Free Press, DEL Communications, these are all companies I got to work for over the past year just because I’m in this program.  People look at me now, and it’s important that I show them everything I have to offer so that when the school spits me back out into the real world, I can go to these companies and say “Hello, remember me?  … :-)”

So I guess all I’m trying to say is that I’m excited for tomorrow, and to be able to add another company to my list of places that know who I am and that could potentially be my employer within the next year.

Just no Winnipeg Sun, I refuse to do it.  …kindly refuse.

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