Bag Boy

I’m finally starting to relax a little here in Fort Mac, as I get settled in here and accustomed to my new home.  It just keeps on getting better-looking around here as Summer comes closer, which I think is helping the process.  I will be posting photographic evidence of this claim, so look forward to that.

My drive home.

I got to spend the day checking out a full-scale wildfire exercise the other day, which was pretty cool, and I will possibly – I cannot stress the word ‘possibly’ enough here – be golfing, which would be the first time ever, on behalf of the Fort McMurray Today, for charity on Friday.  If this does happen, I will be sure there are plenty of cameras on site to capture the most hilariously embarrassing moment of my life.  I suppose there is a remote possibility that I will just turn out to be an indescribably talented golfer, a la Happy Gilmore… but don’t hold your breath.

Gregoire Lake

Anyways, now the reason you all clicked this link.

The bag boy’s name is Sean Graham, and it took me all of about a week to learn his name, so I guarantee you that every single citizen of Fort McMurray knows who this guy is.  It’s not a terribly long story, and I don’t have all of the details, so here it is:

Gregoire Lake…

Mr. Graham, probably a little younger than me, proposed that all plastic bags found in grocery stores, or any stores, be removed permanently.  I assume this was some sort of enviro-friendly-fueled suggestion. Council, obligated to take all requests from their citizens seriously, said, “Okay, we will put this suggestion to a vote on Date X.”

Date X came around, and apparently only a couple of councillors actually cared enough to show up for the vote, and of course, the ones who DID care enough to show up, were the ones who were in favour of the suggestion.  The vote passed, and Fort McMurray is now a plastic bag black hole.  Only in a small town, folks.

…Gregoire Lake…

Hmm, have I written enough to be able to stuff all of my photos into this post?  I have no idea.  If not, I’ll just throw the rest down below.  Have a good night!

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