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WrestleMania 28: The Good, The Bad & The Downright Wrong

Another year, and another WrestleMania has been etched into the history books of the WWE.

While I still feel like the WWE is really missing that “wow” factor that it had so many years ago, WrestleMania 28, like any WrestleMania before it, had its highs and lows.  There were moments and matches that exceeded expectations, and those that could have been so much more than what they were.

John Cena vs. The Rock

I think the match itself lived up to what we were expecting.  Chris Jericho said it best when he said, “I think Cena vs. Rock is going to be one of the greatest matches we’ve ever seen, because it’s destined to be that.”  It was two of the biggest stars the WWE has ever seen, and that we thought would never cross paths, going toe to toe in the squared circle.  The atmosphere alone was destined to make the match everything we wanted it to be.

But the outcome… I’m sorry, but I completely disagree with what the WWE did here.  The Rock wins? My, oh my, oh my… Now, I’m not going to pretend to be able to see into the future. For all we know, these two could have a rematch and split the wins.  But if The Rock is packing up and leaving once again, as we all expect him to, this was an atrocious decision to make. And if you know anything about me, you know I hate John Cena.

But the fact of the matter is, tomorrow, and five years from now, Cena will still be here. He’ll be bleeding WWE until the day he hangs it up, and for that reason alone, he needed to come out on top in this match. So Rock wins, and what kind of mileage does he get from it? Nothing, he’s as good as gone again already.  A win in one of the biggest matches in WWE history is worthless where he’s going.

The match itself was great. Rocky clearly got in good ring-shape for the match, as we would expect him to. There was some good back and forth, and nice false finishes.  Rock still has the best arm drag in the business, but it’s not good enough for me to feel good about the final 3-count in this match.

Undertaker vs. Triple H

What can you really say about this match?  As soon as it was announced, I said, “I bet they want to make up for their stinker at WrestleMania 27,” and I stand by that opinion; their match last year was a piece.  The story-telling in this year’s match, with the addition of HBK, was outstanding.

Without question it was the most physical match of the night. Those chair shots had me cringing.  But Shawn, Hunter and ‘Taker all told a great story in there together. I would be comfortable calling this the best match of the night.

And I may take flak for saying this, but it should not be that way. And leads me to my next point:

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Pardon my French, but are you fucking kidding me?

This “match” was an absolute disgrace, and flat-out insulting and disrespectful to Bryan Danielson first, Sheamus second, and the fans third.

I said right off the top that this match would steal the show, and two talents like Sheamus and Danielson going at it easily could have.  I don’t know who Danielson pissed off, or what Vince McMahon was smoking backstage, but this was just mind-boggling.

As I alluded to earlier, newcomers like Sheamus and Danielson hold the future of the WWE in their hands. When guys like ‘Taker and Triple H aren’t around anymore to send the fans home happy, it’s going to be up to these guys to do the heavy lifting. And they should be stealing the show right now at WrestleMania.  And like I said, these two could have, they’re fantastic talents.

Quite frankly, these two are owed an apology in the form of a rematch, with no time limit, so we can see what we should have on the Grand Stage.

Horrible booking.

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Honestly? Nothing special here.

Was it a good match? Absolutely.  But this was one of the matches on the card that had the capability of exceeding its expectations, and I don’t think it did. It was everything it was supposed to be, but nothing more.

The other matches were all filler, and quite frankly I don’t think anyone came here to read about them.

And to come a little out of left field here, this is as good as official: They need to bring Money in the Bank back to WrestleMania. It never should have left.  I can guarantee that probably 99% of the WWE Universe would have rather seen the participants of Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy in a MitB match instead.  It was consistently one of the best matches on the card, and really rounded out the whole show.  Bring. It. Back.

And that’s that!  Another WrestleMania down, and this one was really one of the better ones I’ve seen.  There were some things I didn’t agree with here and there, but I think the good outweighed the bad.  The only thing I’d say is most important right now, is that the young talent starts being given the opportunity to step in and fill the roles that guys like Edge and Triple H are leaving behind. And an 18 second bullshit match is doing the exact opposite.

What did you think of WrestleMania 28?  Share your own opinions, or comment on mine. Let me know!


It’s Now or Never, Cena.

The ‘Road to WrestleMania’ began last night with the airing of WWE’s Royal Rumble 2012, and while there is currently only one match officially announced, and a few predicted, I’m definitely starting to get majorly amped up for WrestleMania XXVIII on April 1.

It’s a known fact that a big part of what makes WrestleMania easily the best pro wrestling show of the year is that every WWE SuperStar on the card gives 110 per cent.  Sure, most of these guys give it everything they’ve got night in and night out, but at WrestleMania… everything is left in that ring.

But you can still end up with a garbage show even if everyone gives it everything they’ve got.  For instance, I could have a spot on the WrestleMania card and give 110 per cent, but chances are people would be pretty displeased with what they were watching.

So far, the card is filling up with guys who can really bring it, and under the bright lights of WrestleMania, chances are pretty low that they’ll disappoint.  Sheamus is headed to the big show, where he’ll probably face Bryan Danielson.  Lots of potential for a great match there, as well as with Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk, another predicted match.  I would gladly sit through a 60-minute Iron Man Match between those two incredibly gifted wrestlers.

But obviously, the one match that every single fan of the business is waiting to see, is hands down the biggest match of this generation: John Cena vs. The Rock.

I realized last night that the WWE is doing the exact right thing with John Cena to set up this match.  Finally, after years of pretending it wasn’t there, John Cena and the WWE are acknowledging the fans who hate Cena and everything he stands for. They’ve even extended a hand to the Cena haters and given them a voice, offering a “Cena Sucks” t-shirt.

After watching the amazing, chill-inducing video package on Cena from the Rumble last night (below), I realized the genius behind these questionable decisions by the WWE. They’ve completely obliterated the heel/face aspect that is usually pivotal to any wrestling match, in order to get the eyes of every wrestling fan in the world on this WrestleMania match.

I didn’t realize the enormity of this match until last night.  It’s not just a blockbuster match for the sake of bringing in revenue, maybe even more-so this is a stage, in front of everyone, for Cena to silence his haters once and for all.

He’s stepping into the ring with one of the very best in the history of the business, and quite frankly, if he can go move for move, hold for hold with The Rock, he’ll have little left to prove to those who have been calling him out for years now.  And I, someone who dislikes Cena, think that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

April 1 the eyes of the entire pro wrestling industry will be focused on one match, but probably more on one man than the other.  For years now, I think Cena has been afraid to try and prove those who hate him wrong, for fear of failing to do so.  But if he can’t do it at WrestleMania XXVIII, he never will. I think we’re about to see a side of him we’ve never seen before.

And the haters… are gonna hate it.


I feel like I used to read a lot.

These days it’s not even a little bit that I don’t enjoy reading anymore, I’ve just been so wired for a fast-paced lifestyle ever since I decided to go back to school.  Whenever I sit down to read I end up feeling like I’m not exerting enough energy to actually be doing something productive and worthwhile.

I’ve been trying to read more lately, but still have those times every now and again where I sit down with a book and get up a minute and a half later.

Luckily, we’ve been assigned to read The Savage War for Journalism class this semester.  It’s a decently hefty read, an enormously hefty read when compared to our previous assigned read, Hiroshima.

I’d be dreading tackling a book of this length over the course of this short semester, if it weren’t on a topic I’ve been pretty absorbed by this last little while.  I just finished watching the HBO classic Band of Brothers for the first time, and absolutely loved it.  Even the most boring and monotonous historical lesson can be presented in a way that’s absolutely riveting.

That’s not to say that The Second World War was remotely close to being one of the more snooze-worthy historical events, I guess I’m just saying I wish every history lesson was as easy to swallow as Band of Brothers was.

Part of what makes The Savage War so appealing is that this time around, I’ll be hearing about a war that actually took place during my lifetime.

All of the important details on The Second World War have been revealed by now, and countless books and movies made on the events.  But certainly these details weren’t immediately known during the war, or even years after the war ended.  I find it extremely interesting to be living in a time when books like The Savage War are just now being written and published, whereas all of this information will be immediately available to the generations who come after me, as the information on The Second World War was to me.

As always, I’ll have a blog assignment or two to do on this book, so you can be sure that my review of it will surface on here eventually.  But for now, I’m looking forward to getting into the book, and I just hope I’m not too stressed/busy to be able to really absorb and enjoy the information inside.

Christmas in May

I think for a lot of Winnipeggers, Christmas has already come and gone and it was back in May, 2011.

It’s actually crazy for me to think of how invested I am in our shiny new NHL team, the Winnipeg Jets, when only about seven months ago, having the NHL back in our city still seemed like a distant dream.  After True North’s acquisition of the Atlanta Thrashers was announced, the emergence of details like our team name, our logo, and our jersey design, seems like it took ages to surface.  But looking back now, with 35 games under our belt, it somehow seems like everything came out of nowhere.

I’m still not used to the fact that I’ll be watching hundreds more Jets game well into the future, and I also don’t think I appreciate having our team back as much as I eventually will, just because it still doesn’t seem real to me.

I can’t remember how old I was when I started playing hockey, but I’ve always loved it.  I think I probably would have loved the sport no matter what, but there’s no question that my mom definitely helped push me in that direction.

My mom was a huge Winnipeg Jets fan at the time that the team left our city, and a picture of her, holding a sign she made, at a “Save the Jets” rally, was widely used in newspapers and books in 1995/96 when the team left.

My mom is on the left, holding her sign.

Yesterday, my mom got the new Winnipeg Jets “Back in the Bigs” book for her birthday.  She flipped it open, and guess what was staring back at her? Yep, her photo, featured once again.

So for anyone who has wondered in the last couple months why I am so crazy about the Winnipeg Jets, it’s simply not my fault; I was born with Jets in my blood.

Just kind of wanted to dump off some Jets media that I’ve created that hasn’t been pushed and publicized by me yet, including a photo of Ondrej Pavelec that I doctored up for his 1-0 victory over the Phoenix Coyotes.

And also the latest video that I made one night before an installment of Hockey Night in Canada featuring the Jets. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

With all of that out of the way, I hope everyone has a great holiday, Jets fans and Jets haters alike.